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Welcome to the Eco Gardeners Club (formerly known as the 99th street garden).

We have 49 raised bed plots, each being 10' x 20'.  Our garden plots are located at the intersection of 98th street and 99th street road. See the Google map to the right

The objective of our club is to:
• Introduce new members to Florida gardening practices and seasons
• Cultivating heirloom vegetables
• Identify flowers & vegetable plants that thrive in Florida
• Identifying was has/hasn't worked for us
• Educate members regarding pests & diseases
• Embracing alternatives to synthetic herbicides & pesticides
• Growing plants using a minimum of fertilizers and insecticides
• Making friends with like minded people

You may contact us via email using the "Contact Us" button on the menu bar above.  Please provide your name, email address and a brief
message and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.

The red flag on the Google map shown below indicates the location of the Eco Gardener Club garden plots.

Planting flowers in sunny garden. Gardening tools and spring flowers at the backyard

Eco Gardeners

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The Water at the Garden Plot is Turned Off!
  The Water at the Garden Plot is Turned On!